Speed Ratings

Comparative track speed ratings are based upon comparisons of individual times at one pari-mutuel track with the same horses' times at other pari-mutuel tracks, at a distance of one mile.

Seven-Eighths Mile Tracks:

HM  S   Hippodrome de Montreal                  1:56.2
MOH S   Mohawk Racetrack                        1:55
WDB S   Woodbine Racetrack                      1:54.1

Five-Eighths Mile Tracks:

FRD F   Fraser Downs                            1:59
GEODF   Georgian Downs                          1:57.2
KD  F   Kawartha Downs                          1:58
NP  F   Northlands Park                         1:57.4
RIDCF   Rideau Carleton Raceway                 1:58.1
SANDF   Sandown Park                            1:59.1
SAR F   Hiawatha Horse Park                     1:57.1
STP F   Stampede Park                           1:58.1
WR  F   Windsor Raceway                         1:57

Half-Mile Tracks:

BLVL    Quinte Exhibition & Raceway             2:03.4
CHRTN   Charlottetown Driving Park              2:01
CLNTN   Clinton Raceway                         2:00.3
DRES    Dresden Raceway                         2:00.2
EPR     Exhibition Park Raceway                 2:01.3
FLMD    Flamboro Downs                          1:58
FRDTN   Fredericton Raceway                     2:00.4
GRVR    Grand River Raceway                     1:59.3
HAY     Hippodrome d'Aylmer                     2:03.1
HNVR    Hanover Raceway                         2:00.3
INVRN   Inverness Raceway                       2:02.2
LON     Western Fair Raceway                    2:00.1
QUE     Hippodrome de Quebec                    2:02.2
STJNS   St Johns Racing & Ent Centre Inc.       2:04.4
SUDBY   Sudbury Downs                           2:01
SUMM    Summerside Raceway                      2:01.1
SYDNY   Tartan Downs                            2:04.1
TRRVS   Hippodrome Trois-Rivieres               2:01.4
TRURO   Truro Raceway                           2:01
WODSK   Woodstock Raceway                       2:00.3

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